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Safeguarding policy and parental aggrements

Keeping our actors safe.


Safeguarding policy and parental agreements.

Keeping children safe.

We’re proud of the reputation that ACT2 DRAMA has gained throughout the years - for a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students. 

Parents and guardians shall ensure that; 

the student will attend ACT 2 regularly, punctually and properly equipped. 

Parents/guardians  will inform ACT 2 on the first day of any absence. 

you will make ACT 2 aware of any concerns or problems that might affect your  child’s wellbeing, work or behaviour.

 You support the ACT 2s policies and guidelines for behaviour. 

Parents/guardians will collect on time or inform the staff if their child is being collected by another adult. 

Child Protection at ACT 2 Drama School 

We take the protection of our children very seriously at ACT 2 Drama School 
Act 2 is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its students The ACT 2 Child Protection Policy is available to parents and staff at all of our schools.

A vital part of ACT 2s Child Protection arrangements is that each class has a second member of staff to supervise whilst the principle teaches
ACT 2 requires all of its Principals, teachers and assistants to apply for enhanced clearance via the DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) and its structure is often used as an example of Best Practice when Child Protection issues are discussed.
all information needed for a student such as contact details for child and parents and members of staff  and will be placed on file and the Data Protection guidelines of 1998  adhered to 

ACT 2 Drama Schools E-safety Policy 

 ACT 2 Drama School has a FB page and twitter account. However, should a school we work from not allow this we will respect their wishes and not advertise on these sites. Should the parents wish to keep up to date we will email them student news. 

 For venues allowing social media as a way of communicating we will get written permission from parents for photographs to be posted. Children are not allowed to access these sites or “friend “members of staff. 

Social Networking Internet sites (such as Instagram, Facebook) provide facilities for ACT 2 to keep parents up to date with student news. ACT 2 will consider taking legal action, where appropriate, to protect pupils and staff against cyber bullying and defamatory comments.


Enhanced DBS No: 001422112460

Public liability No:  24703324CC1

Originals available on request along with our COVID safe risk assessment

ACT 2- keeping children safe.

Terms and conditions 

In light of the recent COVID 19 and national pandemic ACT 2 has updated our policies for the future of ACT 2 and to continue our business.


All fees are due in full at the start of the term. Students leaving mid-way through a term will not receive a refund unless its exceptional circumstances. We request a terms notice should your child not be returning so we can offer the place to another student.

Temporary closure 

Short notice announcements of school closure such as snow days, staff shortage or venue issues resulting in missed classes will be made up later in the term.

Emergency shutdown policies 

Should ACT 2 have to shut down for longer than 6 weeks due to circumstances beyond our control we will switch all our workshops online. If this is not logistical for certain students as a good will gesture, we will credit the missed classes to the next academic term. Fees will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances

From parent requests we do offer an Act 2 Uniform, this is non-profit making and not compulsory, available to purchase at the start of each term.

Keeping Covid Safe

Risk Assessment and Health and Safety

Update 23 February 2021:  

Following the UK Government’s announcement made on 22 February 2021 in which an initial roadmap out of the current national lockdown was shared, we can now confirm that onsite classes for some venues will recommence, as planned, between March 8th onwards.

The ACT2 team  will be in touch shortly with  parents /students by email to communicate what this means for individual courses and to provide specific start dates for each cohort of students. for all students and staff who are attending onsite activities from 6 April.

We will continue to publish regular updates as we receive additional guidance from the UK Government.

We are in regular contact with our staff and student community and will communicate any updates or changes to this provision via email.

We ask all staff and students to follow the latest public health guidance and follow the advice around self-isolation if necessary. More information can be found by following this link to the UK Government Coronavirus information website

For a copy of our Risk Assessment please email the team at
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